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Analog Devices BF518F FMC Development Kit


The Analog Devices BF518F FMC Development Kit, designed by and available exclusively from Avnet Electronics Marketing, provides a simple-to-use platform for hardware and software engineers designing with the Analog Devices BF518F low-power Blackfin® processor and the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework.

The board can operate either as a standalone, or as an FMC Mezzanine Module connected to any VITA 57.1-compliant carrier board. By providing a convenient development platform for applications that combine FPGAs and embedded processors with advanced networking capability, it has never been easier to include signal processing in your next design.

Target Applications

» Industrial automation HMI
» Smart energy management
» Network-enabled instrumentation
» Test and measurement

Key Features

» Microsoft .NET Micro Framework
» Operates as a standalone, or as a VITA 57 FMC Mezzanine Module Microsoft .NET Micro Framework, supported by Adeneo Embedded
» 400 MHz ADSP-BF518F Blackfin processor
» 64 MB Micron PC-133 SDRAM
» 4 MB Numonyx parallel NOR Flash
» 4 Mb SPI Flash (internal to CPU)
» Flexible booting options
» 10/100 Ethernet with IEEE 1588 support
» SD/MMC card slot
» One RS-232 port (DB-9F)
» One USB 2.0 mini-AB port
» Supports external TFT-LCD conforming to Avnet LCD Interface (ALI) specification
» Optional add-on debug agent

Kit Includes

» BF518F-based FMC processor board
» Microsoft .NET Micro Framework supported by Adeneo Embedded
» USB cable
» Downloadable design documentation and reference design
» Analog Devices standalone debug agent (SKU option)

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